Communication Training Agenda


(~5 to 7 hours - dependent on river flow)

Classroom (1.5 Hours)

We begin our journey at a venue near the shores of the Grand River where we review the agenda, learn about communication, review assignments, set goals, and make commitments.

Paris Dam to Bean Park: River Launch and First Stage on the River (1 hour)

After safety orientation and assembly of equipment, the boats are launched and the adventure in communication begins. Participants will have specific exercises in communication that they will need to complete prior to their first shore stop at Bean Park. Exercises will be reviewed at Bean Park before setting out with a new set of communication exercises.

Bean Park to Powerline (2 Hours)

The next stop will be Shore Lunch! After lunch, the group will review the exercises completed on the river. The adventurers will then receive training on assignments for the next stage of the journey.

Powerline to Five Oaks (2 Hours)

Participants will continue to build their communication knowledge through their assignments and teachings from the river. At Five Oaks, the days material will be reviewed in a group discussion.

Five Oaks to Paris (~15 min)

A shuttle will return the group to the starting point in Paris