Create Top Performing Teams

Is your team struggling with performance? Is there a need for improved collaboration and communication? Our training will provide a fundamental base for teams to exceed their goals. Programs are adapted to the specific needs of each team and contain key elements of successful team development, including: senior management support, purpose, leadership, operating principles, recognition, communication, and structure. Programs are run year round in the woodlands of the Grand River Watershed and include river adventures in spring, summer, and early fall.  

Learn Communication Skills


One of the greatest challenges we face in our lives is communicating with each other in groups, organizations, and one-on-one. Our training will challenge your team to understand and develop their communication skills. The application of these skills in your organization will speed up processes, expedite understanding of key issues, enhance team building, improve collaboration, reduce waste, and promote job satisfaction. The outdoor adventure takes place in the Grand River Watershed, a beautiful venue to optimize training.


Being Mindful in a Busy World

The rapid speed of business, the multitude of electronic messages, and heavy workloads can disrupt our abilities to perform at our best. Mindfulness is a way of being that will provide you with tools to remain at the top of your game.  This is personal training suitable for large groups, teams, partners, and individuals. During this interactive session, learn about the benefits and challenges of stress, and the essentials of Mindfulness. Through experiential learning, you will improve your ability to manage stress, develop your ability to focus on priorities, connect with others in a more meaningful way, and sharpen your natural ability for high performance. At the end of the session, you will have ideas to improve performance, live a healthier life, lead others, and create corporate wellness. This program is offered in all four season.

Ideal for any Corporation or Business looking for a unique team training day!
The outdoor team training in Communication with Chris McCurdy was amazing! The day was well planned with interesting information, fun tasks and great team building and communication tools.
It was nice to get out of the office and spend time with others in nature and on the water. This helped me to relax and effectively use the skills Chris taught. I highly recommend Reflecting on the River if you are looking for a unique way to enhance your teams’ communication skills.
— Jen Nichols, Business and Hospitality Administrator, Five Oaks Retreat Centre.
“I had a great day on the river with Chris and the others. Great learning and a great learning environment! If you’re looking to refocus, recharge or inspire your team to achieve greater results book a day on the river with Chris.”
— Margaret Cowx, Best Performance Consulting

We operate outdoor experiential learning in all four seasons!