Is it the canopy of trees, the sparkling water, the fish darting away from your paddle, the Osprey diving for it's lunch, or the journey with your partners? I suspect it is all of these things, and more, that creates an environment that aids in the learning process and skill development. The outdoor experience will relax you and help to open your mind to learning new skills. It will also create lasting memories that will beckon you to return to the forest and river. Outdoor Adventure is the only way to learn!

“Spending the day with Chris paddling the Grand River while practicing communication skills was an incredible experience – I didn’t want the day to end! I found being on the river and in nature for the day calming and magical. I was able to quiet my mind and settle into the present moment which allowed me to fully embrace and participate in the teachings of the day. The exercises carried out on the two-man yaks as we floated down the river provided our group an opportunity to hone in on both our speaking and listening skills in a fun and unique way. Reflecting on the River is truly a gift to those who participate – I cannot recommend it enough.”
— Tammy Crabbe, Marketing and Communication Coordinator

we operate in all four seasons!