After thirty years of learning about team and leadership challenges in business, I realized it was time to share that learning. I have taken my ability to guide others and combined it with my love of nature, to create an experiential learning process that will provide you with fundamental skills in communication, team building, and leadership. In my heart, I believe the "REFLECTING ON THE RIVER" adventure will be my gift to the next generation of successful business, organization, and team leaders. Come join me by the river! - Chris

“Chris McCurdy is a genuine and natural leader, storyteller and coach who brings with him a wealth of insight and wisdom (especially to do with communication). The experience was very organized and well planned and as a guest or participant I felt very well taken care of. There were many layers of learning and expansion of awareness that I experienced throughout the day and I am happy to continue my journey now carrying these riches that I’ll be sure to put to great use when I need them along the way.”
— Jodi Decle, Personal and Executive Coach