Improving Communication in Large Groups ( Suitable for 10 to 150 people) 

This program develops better communications among teams of people where no or little organizational hierarchy exists, and where effective communication is needed from all team members for success. Teams are given a “plane crash” role playing scenario to develop their individual leadership, communication, and team building skills. Team will travel up to five kilometers over hilly terrain in “seasonal” weather to achieve their goals. The teams with capture their adventure using photographs. Team presents a slide show summary of their day and key learnings. This program is suitable for large teams.   This session includes team building elements of challenge, play, shared leadership, role playing, and outdoor adventure. The use of photos and reflection to build the presentations creates strong bonds between team members and reinforces team learnings. Program can easily be adapted to address “development needs” of each team.

Communication Skills for Teams, Partners, and Individuals (Suitable for 2 to 150 people)

Improve personal communications to enhance teamwork, partnerships, and your personal journey. Your ability to connect with others in today’s high speed and demanding environment is both critical to your success and extremely challenging.  Strong communication skills are a fundamental to high performing teams, strong relationships, and excellent leadership. We all need to sharpen our communication skills to stay on top of our game. During this interactive session, learn about challenges to communications and optimizing communications. Through experiential learning, you will improve your listening, develop your ability to connect with others, and sharpen non-verbal communication skills. At the end of the session, you will have ideas to improve performance, reduce frustration, engage teams, build relationships, and lead others.



Effective Collaboration Skills (6 to 12 people)

Improve decision making by using a more collaborative approach to problem solving. The team members will  build better working relationships with each other to facilitate the sharing of ideas, to constructively and effectively challenge positions, and to better align their vision, goals, and  actions. This program utilizes interactive lecture-style learning to establish a common conceptual knowledge base, followed by outdoor experiential learning exercises to practice and enhance learning.  This learning approach fortifies the  individual, then strengthens paired interactions, and finally serves to connect the entire team. Storytelling, team challenges, goal setting, reflection, and role playing are used to promote growth of the individual and the team. Conceptual models are adaptations of Brene Brown, author of “Daring Greatly” and Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. The beautiful outdoor environment and the joy of adventure relaxes participants and creates an openness and camaraderie for learning. Depending on client preferences and weather, the program takes place in boats on the Grand River or on foot in the forests of Barker’s Bush.


Creating Top Performing Project Teams ( 8 to 12 people)

We will take cross-functional teams responsible for a current project and help them create and implement a new collaborative model that will deliver breakthrough results. This training incorporates key elements of successful teams: senior management support, purpose, leadership, operating principles, recognition, communication, and structure. The team develops a plan to complete both land and water(boat) challenges. The program is developed to disrupt plans and challenge the team to overcome barriers. The teams are awarded points for adaptability, team behavior, leadership, and achievement of goals. Each member of the team will experience a leadership role. Design is based on principles of High Performance Teams. Design includes interactive sessions, outdoor water and land adventure, competition, games, reflection, scavenger hunts, goal setting, and role playing.




Learning to be Mindful Interactive Learning (Suitable for 1 to 150 people) -  The rapid speed of business, the multitude of electronic messages, and heavy workloads can disrupt our abilities to perform at our best. Mindfulness is a way of being that will provide you with tools to remain at the top of your game.  This is personal training suitable for large groups, teams, partners, and individuals. During this interactive session, learn about the benefits and challenges of stress, and the essentials of Mindfulness. Through experiential learning, you will improve your ability to manage stress, develop your ability to focus on priorities, connect with others in a more meaningful way, and sharpen your natural ability for high performance. At the end of the session, you will have ideas to improve performance, live a healthier life, lead others, and improve communication. This is a flexible program that can be conducted indoors or outdoors depending on your needs and preferences.

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