You know you need communication training when:

Your organization struggles with the needs of the new generation of workers

You're forming a new team or business with a group that needs to quickly perform at high levels

You need to improve focus, quality, customer service, and/or performance

Internal complaints about your company are hurting performance

Your organization spends more time typing e-mails and less time resolving barriers to success

You ask for peoples ideas or questions and the room is silent.

Morale is at an all time low

Your organization is technically strong but success requires an upgrade to soft skills 

Your organization has hit a plateau and you need to raise engagement levels to initiate growth

You have a great strategy and business plan but your organization doesn't understand it

You and your people need to build strong connections with clients, staff, peers, or students to ensure their issues have been heard

Your team has dropped in performance and needs to get back to performing at high levels

Problems tend to be avoided, blamed on others, and/or partially fixed


Improved Communication will Help!